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Online Questionnaire

The project VIP (Validation of Informal Learning in Grundtvig Projects and Partnerships) is developing a methodology for assessing competence development of team members working in European education projects and partnerships.

Unquestionable, in contrast to collaboration on the national level, activities in these transnational teams require not only stronger efforts in terms of resources (time, personnel, funds) but also additional competences and knowledge. Vice versa participants of multilateral projects and partnerships also acquire these new competences in the European projects they are involved in. The evaluation of these internal learning processes of European project partners is still unknown territory although this collaborative learning bears a tremendous European potential since project actors are multipliers of the idea of European integration.

The main objective of VIP is the development of a specific evaluation system in regard to “learning in European collaborative projects and partnerships”.
With this VIP wants to contribute to a substantial approach to assess, visualise and manage collaborative learning competences in European projects and partnerships to improve the visibility of “informal learning in collaborative projects”.

In a basic survey among European experts in the field the VIP partners will investigate the awareness about the issue and the demand of evaluation in regard to competence development in European projects and partnerships.
The survey is based on an online questionnaire and a range of expert interviews carried out in the first project year.

The questionnaire on hand is consisting of 3 parts that should not take you longer than 20 minutes to complete.

You’re invited to share your view on this issue!
To access the survey, please follow this link:

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